Does your brand voice stand out in a crowd? Appeal to your target market? Have a distinct personality that makes people want to hang out and get to know you better?

It’s my job to make your words do all that and more.

I’ll help you establish your one-of-a-kind brand voice and identity and carry that all the way through your marketing plan. From your site to your merch, we’ll find what fits.

Oh, and if you already have an established brand (like La-Z-Boy), but need a fresh update for your image…well, that just might be my specialty!


A light, friendly, conversational tone that appeals to a broad demographic across several generations yet stays true to the legacy of our company as one of quality, comfort and style. Phew! That was a tall order when I took on the role of Lead Copywriter for La-Z-Boy Corporation.

Site content and seasonal campaigns. Weekly emails and social media ads. Catalog copy and product descriptions. And the voice of the brand ambassador. There’s never a dull moment writing copy for La-Z-Boy. But the results have been rewarding.

And their furniture is amazing!


With book blurbs, site design and a multi-media presence, see how I helped new author Quinley Dixon establish herself in the world of contemporary fiction and appeal to her growing audience.

When Dale Carnegie Training needed to update their social media presence, they started with a Valentine’s Day campaign. And I was just the writer for the job!

Great cause! To help those financially affected by COVID-19 get back on their feet, a local nonprofit wanted to launch a line of vaccine t-shirts with a humorous spin. I gave it a shot!