a few more bits and pieces

Writers write. Every way and everywhere we can. So, when folks at the Today Show asked parents to submit their thoughts on Infertility and Motherhood, I couldn’t pass that up. The two parenthood posts below were shared a few thousand times each and rose to the top of the “Reader’s Picks.” I transferred them over to Medium.com to keep ’em alive. The third piece is a personal blog that I wrote during my family’s one year stint in Costa Rica. It now serves as a tourism guide for anyone who visits that lovely little country.

This is just a little more insight into what else I write…and my personal life, too!

Infertility, IVF, Adoption… oh my!

AKA: How we created our family. In honor of Infertility Awareness Month, this is the Today.com post that was voted a Top 3 Reader’s Pick. Hope it helped a few people, too!

Rollin’ with Motherhood

The Today.com Mother’s Day post that somehow ended up on Facebook, shared a few thousand times (coincidentally, finding its way back to me). Click to see the not-so-glamorous side of motherhood…but how it still rocks!

Beached in Costa Rica

Personal blog detailing our 400-day year in Tamarindo, Costa Rica with two kids, 50 visitors and countless excellent adventures. Lots of tips and pics, too! Click the pineapple for the juicy details.

Enough about Me. Let’s talk about you!