Being given full creative license for the entire direct mail campaign of a multi-billion-dollar company was a lot of pressure…and a ton of fun!

I created all original copy for several Walmart, Safeway and Wegman’s direct mail campaigns. Concepted and wrote all material including headlines, subheads, interior and exterior copy.

Incorporated client and company marketing objectives for products, promo offers, occasions and specific requests.


Practice random acts of cardness!

Celebrate Mom. Surprise someone else.

It’s a fact: A way to make yourself happier is to perform random acts of kindness.

Mother’s Day is May 10th, and while you’re in the card aisle making her day special, why not brighten a few more days as well?

Celebrate a friendship, lift someone’s spirits, or say I love you in an extra special way.

You’ll be amazed at what a random act of cardness can do.

Because there’s always someone to celebrate…stop by the card department today!


Birthdays are a BIG Deal!

Don’t they deserve a card?

When someone wakes up on their birthday, they feel kinda special. And they wonder…who will rememeber, who they will hear from, who will make this day – the beginning of a whole new year – happier?

Sure, you can text. Or post. Or email. Or call. Or you can go to the store, hand-pick a card that is so them (and so you!), sign it, seal it, and deliver it in a bright-colored-birthday-looking-envelope.

And make their day…better.

Because you remembered. Because you made the extra effort just for them. Because you know they’re kinda special.

And you think their birthday is a very big deal.


Every day is a gift. And we’ve got the card.

Happiness Unplugged

Before there were texts and tweets and posts. Before there were video chats and instant messages and picture grams. Before smart phones, tablets and laptops. Before email. And home computers. And even before the telephone…

There were greeting cards.

Cards of celebration. Cards of consolation. Cards of love. Signed, sealed and delivered. And, best of all, saved. In hope chests, dresser drawers, shoeboxes and scrapbooks. Pulled out again and again to remember the moment, rekindle the romance…or, ever so slightly, ease a loss.

In a world where so much of what we see is on a screen, somehow the sight of a brightly-colored envelope still hasn’t lost its charm. Maybe it’s nostalgia. Maybe it’s tradition. Maybe its that little extra effort. Or maybe it’s because you can’t display a text on your mantle.

Every day is a gift. And Safeway has the card.


Best Mom ever. Best cards ever.

Celebrate the best Moms in your life.

She’s the best and Walmart will help you say the rest.

She’s the best mom you can imagine. The best sister you could ask for. The best grandma in the world. She’s a fabulous aunt, your funniest friend, an amazing first-time mother.

And you want just the right card and gift to tell her so. Shop Walmart today and give her The Best Mother’s Day Ever!