The What to Write Guides have become some of the most popular content on the American Greetings website — not only for customers, but for journalists as well. As a result of this content, I was interviewed for articles that appeared in the New York Times,,, Woman’s Day and others. The sympathy piece also became the springboard for a multi-page online Sympathy Guide for, which required the art of incorporating SEO components in a way that was sensitive, tasteful and appropriate.


Created original, instructional content for multiple What to Write posts, incorporating marketing notes and artwork.


Appropriately incorporated marketing goals, artwork and SEO components into sensitive subject matter; wrote original instructional content.


Created original content for 26-page Sympathy Guide, including What to Say, What to Do, What to Send, Loss of Pet, etc. for Wrote original copy, headlines, subheads; incorporated appropriate SEO components and marketing goals and artwork.

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